Solving The Photofinish Riddle

How are the images formed? Unlike still, movie or video cameras, the photofinish camera has no shutter and there are no frames. The capture is continuous. In place of a shutter, the photofinish camera has a narrow line of sensors behind the lens, aligned on the finishline. Using a digital scan (up to 2000 times per second) the Finishlynx system continuously captures an image of the extremely narrow (approximately 5mm) strip of track, which is the finishline. In essence this is a photograph of time and whatever passes the finishline during capture becomes a part of that image. All parts (nose, tail, hooves, ears, saddle, jockey ? the lot) of all horses in the photofinish image are right on the line. . . . → Read More: Solving The Photofinish Riddle

Once Upon A Time…

Exposures Online

A very, very long time ago, when the internet was very young, I started building websites. That stuff is easy now but back in the mid 90’s it was all very new. I still do some websites, mainly for close friends and clients I have been working with for nearly 2 decades. And I have always had Exposures as a personal website. Exposures has changed a lot over the years and now it’s just a simple blog. back in the day it was an important website for horse racing people. It got awards. And stuff. . . . → Read More: Once Upon A Time…

Ex-punk makes surfing on turf an art

Dave Stewart’s been breaking the rules since he was a teenage punk rocker – waxing his hair bright yellow long before gel became de rigueur. You won’t find the Aucklander prancing around the stage any more with New Zealand’s first punk rock band Anti Music, but he’s still banging the keyboards. Only today, he does it from the confines of his ten by eight spare room, and the keyboards, while silent, are helping him make a noise all around the world. Stewart’s instrument of choice is the computer, four of them to be exact, and bit by byte he’s establishing himself as one of it’s leading exponents. . . . → Read More: Ex-punk makes surfing on turf an art