Website Re-Launched Mother’s Day, 2013

Exposures Online broke a lot of new ground, providing race day photofinishes and videos to the Interweb where none had been available before. Stewart also used the website to blog before blogging was a word and wrote stories of things that ‘wound his clock’, mainly music, politics and everything else. . . . → Read More: Website Re-Launched Mother’s Day, 2013

Ex-punk makes surfing on turf an art

Dave Stewart’s been breaking the rules since he was a teenage punk rocker – waxing his hair bright yellow long before gel became de rigueur. You won’t find the Aucklander prancing around the stage any more with New Zealand’s first punk rock band Anti Music, but he’s still banging the keyboards. Only today, he does it from the confines of his ten by eight spare room, and the keyboards, while silent, are helping him make a noise all around the world. Stewart’s instrument of choice is the computer, four of them to be exact, and bit by byte he’s establishing himself as one of it’s leading exponents. . . . → Read More: Ex-punk makes surfing on turf an art