The Road Is The Goal

The Road Is The Goal

The Road Is The Goal

Ever since I was a little chap I’ve been encouraged to set goals and pursue them. It took me a lot of years to find this advice isn’t for everybody.

It might suit some people but it’s just not suitable for me. I’m too random, too easily distracted, and I have trouble prioritising things. I like to take my time and enjoy diversions.

I did an apprenticeship with the New Zealand Railways and hold the record as the apprentice who took the longest time to complete his indenture. Ever.

I just had other things to do.

I was playing in rock bands, falling in love, having babies, going to the beach, sleeping, coming home from parties and having a life.

Becoming a tradesman was a real nuisance to all of that.

When I eventually did complete my time I realised that I had learned a lot more than just what my trade entailed.

I’d learned for example that being blindly focussed on reaching a goal you set 6 years previous meant you ran the chance of missing out on some bloody great opportunities along the way.

Goal setting is limiting I reckon.

You set your sights on the final goal but you tend to ignore opportunities that come along that don’t fit your ‘goal’, so you let them pass you by.

Not always, but often, this is the case.

I think for some people it’s better to establish the there is a road to the goal, and the road itself is in fact the goal.

When something comes along that distracts you, or interests you, or demands your attention, stop and check it out.

It might turn out to be what you were looking for all along and never knew.

I thought the goal was being a coachbuilder, it turned out that was just part of it. The road is the goal. Enjoy the scenery. Stop for coffee. Take photos. Listen to the music. Smile at the people rushing by.

Stay on the road.

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