Born Again?

And how appropriate to kick off the reborn website on Mother’s Days?

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

My mother was my hero, and mothers everywhere still are my heros. This is not to denigrate the role of the father, that is important too, but  in my case it was a different role that Dad played. Mum was the person whom taught me about love and tenderness. About caring and sharing. And about treating every one the same.

Which is not to say Mum didn’t have favorites, she did. She had 7 of them.

I can’t speak for everyone, and I hope others have similar stories about their Mums but my Mum really was the person who shaped me and made me who I am today. From my sense of fairness to my ability to cook a meal, all of this was nurtured by Mum.

She was the one who took us to sport’s on the weekend and cheered us along. She introduced us to music and explained where toys came from at Christmas, she picked us up when we fell over and dressed our wounds. She could spread a meal over any number of mouths at a dinner table and she never turned down any one who stayed for a feed. She was the one who arbitrated the sibling wars of our childhood and she was the one who went hungry if there was a shortage of food. She had the oldest clothes and the coldest baths.

She really was a superhero.

When she died it was with all of us close at hand and we gave her a send off fit for a hero.

But in reality, she is still with me every day, I hardly think about her not being around. Every night when i go into the kitchen and cook dinner, she is there making sure I do it right. When I go into the garden I notice her favorite flowers. When I hear music I can hear her singing along to the older songs.

I believe people live forever if you remember them, and honor them in the right way.

For the last few years I haven’t been able to celebrate Mother’s Day, because Mum isn’t around.

But I have two daughters who are Mums, and they are great Mums, so from this year on I am giving them Mother’s Day presents and thanking them for being such good mums to my grandchildren.

I’m sure of you have a look around you will see heaps of mums being superhero’s every day. I have heaps of friends who fit this description and I never get tired of telling them that I think they are heros.

Because they are.

So this Mother’s Day, if you don’t have a mum to wish happy mother’s day to, find one. Tell her what a champion she is. Tell her I sent you.


Here’s a slideshow we did for our Mum… our bridge over troubled water.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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