No Right Turn

No Right Turn

I know a lot of people are concerned at the relentless volume and vitriol of the attacks and attempts to undermine our elected government.

It was hard enough for them in 2017 when Winston responded to the Dirty Politics leaking of his super errors by National by forming a coalition with Labour and The Greens.

The howls of outrage and offense were fever pitch and talk of stolen elections and corruption was non stop as men tried, and failed, to come to terms with a single mother for Prime Minister.

Tears flowed like old man river.

But it was a case of God defending New Zealand brethren, for the deadly pandemic hit and the world started dying. Thankfully we had a government that cared rather than one that only cared about commerce.

And we were saved.

And we responded to the God’s blessing the only way we knew how – we elected a first past the post government for the first time in over 50 years.

And it was Labour by a landslide.

After that the mantrums of 2017 to 2020 paled into insignificance as fragile masculinity reared its ugly knobhead everywhere it could.

National had several leadership meltdowns and the right sinking ship lost its rudder and all but sank. Several lenders later we have Luxon who seems to be trying to prove that any fool could lead National and all the fools will follow him.

But it has to be a him.

And if you thought the National Party was divided internally, just look at the National aligned actors currently vying for a slurp at the trough.

Leo Malloy wants to be king, and David Seymour wants to be God. Winston wont shut up and everywhere you look the conspiracy industry is doing its best to prove who is the most kooked.

Let’s never forget that days before the Battle of Portaloo we saw the inevitable… the feral kooks were now wearing tin foil hats.

You could never have made this up.

But the craziness was only beginning.

Trying to hoover all of the madness up we see Bishop Pope King Saint Mother of all Ayatollahs Brian Tamaki, resplendent in his $11,000 suit and $1400 shades and fresh from breakfast with Jehovah declaring he’s now an Apostle and God had told him to stand up and overthrow the government.

If someone stood up and said Napoleon told them the same thing, they’d be sectioned to a secure ward and given treatment.

But no. God botherers have a vaccine for that.

So as Brian rants and raves like a man possessed about armed insurrection and sacking the government, a small hard of thinking minority think the son of God shines out his arse.

But everyone else just wishes he’d round the cult up and fast forward to the Kool aid scene.

And I’m seriously not kidding.

Tamaki is in a frenzy trying to convince the world hates his flock. So he marches them into town and parks their worshipful arse on the country’s main transport arteries. Then when John and Jill R Citizen get angry at their trip to the hospital to visit Nana (who is sick with covid because some halfwit refused to wear a mask in the supermarket) express displeasure Tamaki ascends his golden pulpit and preaches: “See. The heathens are entitled dickheads and they hate us worhippers”.

It’s like Monty Python but without the funny bits.

But how good is he?

Well, footage of him planning mayhem with fellow wouldbe if he couldbe Leo Malloy had surfaced and Prince Leo can’t backpedal fast enough.

One thing you can always rely on with the right side of politics is they hate each other.

And their idea of unity is you agreeing to do what I tell you.

There’s a word for this.

It’s called an abortion.

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