Yes Greta, there is a fascist clause.

We all saw it. A young woman stands up at the UN and makes a speech. Instantly she is told to shut up, grow up and learn up.

Old men everywhere are suddenly woke and upset that someone said something they didn’t like or agree with.

A loudmouth chorus reaches crescendo level within minutes of her speech ending.

Suddenly everyone is telling her to shut up, she’s wrong, she’s retarded, she’s uppity, she’s dumb…

There is a lesson here though and it’s an important one.

If Greta had got up and made a speech condemning gay people, or black lives, or published a manifesto explaining the need to mass murder Muslims we wouldn’t be talking about the subject of her speech.

We’d be hearing about her right to free speech.

You know how it goes… “as much as I disagree with what you say I will defend to the death your right to say it”

This line is trotted out every single time someone engages in hate speech.

But the very same people who champion that line are suddenly forgetting their belief in free speech and want to have a sock shoved down the throat of the speaker.

One of the problems with the free speech activists is they don’t actually believe in free speech at all. They’re just too gutless to say what they want to say, so they support other people who say it and then pretend that it’s about free speech.

These piss-weak arseholes are the enablers of fascism.

Every time a fascist, or a racist, or a far right meathead opens his or her trap and spreads hate right at their side appear these ‘free speech advocates’ telling us we must tolerate their intolerance. But when Greta speaks up there’s a sudden change in the climate of free speech.

Greta learned a very important lesson. Unless you appease the fascists you have no free speech. You have to say your piece then actually defend it.

If only the same rule applied to people who engaged in hate speech.

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