Annual Concert, 2019


Dave’s Whakatane Music Festival 2019

A fair few things have happened since my last yearly concert. The circle of performers from Whakatane has grown immensely and The Fuzztards have become a regular gig for me.

With the weekly Open Mic nights at The Office Bar and Grill I’ve met many new local musicians.

This year I was able to feature a lot more of that local talent at the festival plus I was happy to welcome back some of our regulars as well.

Jupiter Jones played this Festival for the fourth time. Jupiter has played and written music for over 35 years and plays an eclectic collection of songs. When he’s not playing music he also creates a variety of videos for bands and musicians.

His most controversial music video to date is the now infamous Planet Key animated video he created for Wellington musician Darren Watson prior to the 2014 general election.

Jimmy Rogers is from Maungakaramea Whangerei. Jimmy has been playing these gigs for 4 or 5 years now and he plays a down home style of blues with the kind of enthusiasm that makes his performances a great success.

Lutz Sauer is a Whakatane local but was born in Germany. He moved to NZ in 2010. Played drums in a Rock band at the uni. Then drums and background voice in a Country band in Germany. Started singing in front and playing guitar in NZ. Lutz is vice president of the Whakatane Country music club.

Mark and Deahna are a father and daughter duo from Whakatane who come from a whanau of entertainers.  Mark loves to sing and Deahna has the passion. Deahna has been in every school production growing up and sings every chance she gets. Deahna is doing gigs with dad.

Neil Gill Trio, Reuban Paraha, Fiona Cosgrove

Neil Gill Trio, Reuban Paraha, Fiona Cosgrove

Reuban Paraha is well known to locals with an extensive history of experience with local bands and productions. Rueban knows exactly what songs to play to any particular crowd.

Fiona Cosgrove needs no introduction but she’s going to get one anyway. Whakatane’s own soul and blues diva who is now a permanent part of Billy TK’s road tours, Fiona has been performing at Dave’s festival since they began in Whakatane. If you ask her ‘Where does your music come from? She’ll answer: ‘somewhere between heart and large intestine’ and Fiona is happy to follow her musical journey wherever it takes her, hopefully somewhere warm, with a good view and indoor plumbing

The Neil Gill Trio consists of Emily Hill (lead vocals), Andrew Solea (guita and vocals) and Neil Gill (keyboards, guitar, harmonica and vocals). They have been rehearsing together sporadically for a few months and this was their first gig as a trio. They have no aspirations for other than playing songs we all like, improving our musicianship, entertaining the audience and themselves.

The Fuzztards in full flight on March 9, 2019 in Whakatane

The Fuzztards in full flight on March 9, 2019 in Whakatane

The Fuzztards are Dave’s latest attempt at rock and roll immortality. Playing some of the loud and snotty punk rock songs he refused to grow up with, with his schooldays mate Robbie Lisdonk on drums and local punks Michael Fergusson on vocals and Robert Gillies on bass The Fuzztards put the Whak into Whakatane.

The House Band are Ali Morgan, Robert Gillies, Ian Hunia. You can see them every Thursday night at The Office Bar and Grill backing up all comers to the weekly Open Mic sessions these guys know every song ever written. In fact, if you ask nicely, they’ll even let you sing one with them. Don’t be fooled by the grey hair, these guys can rock.

With Virginia Jeeves as our MC and local musos Mike Kara and Reese Brown as stagehands the concert went off without a hitch.

Here’s a clip from the concert of The Fuzztards giving it a go.

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