Concert Review : Moone, Litt Park Theatre, Te Puke, September 28, 2018

Moone Has Arrived

, Moone Live Sept 28, 2018

Moone Live Sept 28, 2018

We first met Moone at a Whakatane Open Mic session one Thursday night. She grabbed the nearest guitar and played 3 songs. That was it for me.

I asked her to come and sing at my annual concert in February 2018 and she jumped at the chance. By this time she’d been joined by Tauranga guitar whiz Phil Reha who knew exactly what to play under Moone’s voice.

Fast forward to September 2018 and we’ve got a single and video to release at the intimate venue of The Litt Park Theatre in Te Puke.

About 200 close supporters, family and friends crammed in to see and hear Moone’s big debut.

And she blew us all away.

Moone has come a long long way since February. Her songwriting has been bolstered by Reha’s potent arrangements and licks. Subtle but solid his guitar sits just under her voice and only rises for sonic effect when it has to. Pounding at the back on drums is Silas Tawhara, just doing everything right and Phil’s nephew Josh Reha lays the bass vibe perfectly.

The concert was the debut release of the single DLB (drunken little bitch), a song fittingly about friendship and good times.

Along with the single release (Google) (iTunes) Moone also released the video of the song.

Moone isn’t new to the music scene, and it shows. She has got her style and sass all sorted and knows exactly where she’s taking this, and my pick is she’ll get there.

You may as well get in on it now ’cause you’re going to later.

Besides a good band, good support and good singing, the killer ingredient here is good songs.

Really, really, really goods songs.

Moone has arrived. The single and video are great, but I can’t wait for the album.

My favorite of the night was the rocker that closed the show, Rock Star Mum

I wanna be a rockstar mum
Get my hair and nails done
Lie down just for fun
And read a magazine
I wanna be a good time girl
Do what the hell I feel
Botox and a face peel
And buy myself a diamond ring

Enjoy the DLB video

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