Poorer Benefits For All

I see Paula Benefit is in the news again today. Sadly she has chosen to ignore the word of the people who met her in Waiuku on May 29th.

I’ll repost what I published on my Facebook page from her little meeting there…

Paula and I discussing the Key Regime's War on the Poor

Paula and I discussing the Key Regime’s War on the Poor

Date: May 29;

So anyway I went and had a chat with Paula Bennett and about 50 of my fellow Nats in Waiuku this morning.

Paula was fizzing about her new welfare reforms. Contraception, drug testing, making lampshades from tattooed skin etc.

She did her best to assure us this was in the best interests of those involved and would save us lots of money if Treasuries predictions turned out correct.

There’s a first time for everything you know.

Well I had to tell her that as a member if the generation of hard working Kiwi Mums and Dads that were happy to help her when she needed it we wanted her to know what an absolute pleasure it was to be able to answer her call for help.

I also needed to tell her that a lot of us Nats were nervous that our party seemed to be run by people with ‘evil in their hearts’ when it came to our most vulnerable fellow citizens and how warming it was to hear her distance herself at last from this group.

I asked that she remember that Kiwis like to help the unfortunate, the unlucky and even the reckless rather than see them suffer in this land of plenty.

Throughout my little chat my fellow Nats murmured ‘yes’ and ‘that’s right’ and nodded in general agreement.

‘Please go back to your office from this meeting knowing that many of your supporters are growing increasingly uncomfortable at watching welfare for the needy being cut back to give welfare to landlords and corporations who are not paying tax and being bludgers Paula’.

When we spoke privately later it was clear Paula had got the message.

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