Let Me Tell You About Bernie

Let me tell you about Bernie. Bernie is an old school mate. At school Bernie was one of those pivotal teenager cool guys. He was taller than everyone else, had longer hair than everyone else, he had better parties than everyone else and didn’t have his head up his arse like a lot of ‘cool’ people did. . . . → Read More: Let Me Tell You About Bernie

The Road Is The Goal

The Road Is The Goal

Goal setting is limiting I reckon. You set your sights on the final goal but you tend to ignore opportunities that come along that don’t fit your ‘goal’, so you let them pass you by. Not always, but often, this is the case. I think for some people it’s better to establish the there is a road to the goal, and the road itself is in fact the goal. . . . → Read More: The Road Is The Goal

Born Again?

My mother was my hero, and mothers everywhere still are my heros. This is not to denigrate the role of the father, that is important too, but in my case it was a different role that Dad played. Mum was the person whom taught me about love and tenderness. About caring and sharing. And about treating every one the same. Which is not to say Mum didn’t have favorites, she did. She had 7 of them. . . . → Read More: Born Again?

Website Re-Launched Mother’s Day, 2013

Exposures Online broke a lot of new ground, providing race day photofinishes and videos to the Interweb where none had been available before. Stewart also used the website to blog before blogging was a word and wrote stories of things that ‘wound his clock’, mainly music, politics and everything else. . . . → Read More: Website Re-Launched Mother’s Day, 2013

Flying Loeb the stuff of rally legend

S Loeb

On Friday, he lost his door. Yesterday, as Petter Solberg ruefully put it, Sebastien Loeb drove as if he’d lost his mind. The leader after day one of the New Zealand round of the World Rally Championship, Solberg couldn’t have said anything more meaningful at the end of Friday’s press conference. He warned that Loeb “would leave his brain in the service area and it will be a maximum attack … expect incredible times from him.” . . . → Read More: Flying Loeb the stuff of rally legend