Proud To Be A New Zealander?

Hang Ups

Yesterday, as our parliament of ‘honorable’ representatives passed into law under urgency a bill which even conservative polls showed that over three quarters of the population had strong opposition to a colleague told me he was ‘ashamed to be a New Zealander today’.

I was pretty taken back by that remark.

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It’s Moments Like Those You Need Mintos

John Minto 1985

Today is John Minto’s 60th birthday.

Happy Birthday John!

Today’s photo was taken in 1985 in a little flat in Newton on the night that the High Court issued the interim injunction preventing the New Zealand Rugby Football Union from sending a representative team to South Africa.

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What Would You Say?

If they took me away And shot me today What would you say?

The state is beefing up it’s spying powers.

Not because it needs to, if that is what it was about then we could actually have an intelligent discussion.

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Shadow Of Doubt

Shadow of Doubt

For a short time in the early 80’s I lived with two mates from the railways, Mike Jeffries and Lance Eavestaff.

Mike was a thrill seeker. He rode a big fast bike, jumped out of airplanes every weekend and was a male stripper for hen parties. He liked to live . . . → Read More: Shadow Of Doubt

What Do You Call An Act Leader In A Suit

When John Key ordered the party faithful of Epsom to help rig the last election he told them to vote for the former National party Police Minister John Banks.

How did they feel seeing their MP in the defendant dock on Friday.

John Banks, Government Minister



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