A Good Heart

Feargal Sharkey sang it



I hear a lot of stories I suppose they could be true All about love And what it can do to you

Highest risk of striking out The risk of getting hurt And still I have so much to learn

I know, ’cause I think about . . . → Read More: A Good Heart

Changing Gear

I’ve got a bit of a band going these days. It’s called Servo. Like us on Facebook.

It’s not much but at the same time it can be everything if I want it to be.

My mate Robbie from my teens is the drummer, my neighbor Matt is the bass player and up until a . . . → Read More: Changing Gear

What Would You Say?

If they took me away And shot me today What would you say?

The state is beefing up it’s spying powers.

Not because it needs to, if that is what it was about then we could actually have an intelligent discussion.

No. This is to cover up the prime minister’s shoddy administration of the GCSB . . . → Read More: What Would You Say?

Born Again?

And how appropriate to kick off the reborn website on Mother’s Days?

Mother’s Day

My mother was my hero, and mothers everywhere still are my heros. This is not to denigrate the role of the father, that is important too, but in my case it was a different role that Dad played. Mum . . . → Read More: Born Again?