A Good Heart

Feargal Sharkey sang it



I hear a lot of stories I suppose they could be true All about love And what it can do to you

Highest risk of striking out The risk of getting hurt And still I have so much to learn

I know, ’cause I think about . . . → Read More: A Good Heart

Let Me Tell You About Bernie


Last night I went to Bernie’s 56th birthday party in Thames.

There were 60 others there.

Let me tell you about Bernie.

Bernie is an old school mate. At school Bernie was one of those pivotal teenager cool guys. He was taller than everyone else, had longer hair than everyone else, he . . . → Read More: Let Me Tell You About Bernie

The Road Is The Goal

The Road Is The Goal

Ever since I was a little chap I’ve been encouraged to set goals and pursue them. It took me a lot of years to find this advice isn’t for everybody.

It might suit some people but it’s just not suitable for me. I’m too random, too easily distracted, . . . → Read More: The Road Is The Goal